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There was a time not too long ago when auto locksmith services required only manual tools. People could even unlock their own vehicles using coat hangers because their cars were not too sophisticated. That time has come and gone and now automobiles are quite complicated. However, Locksmiths Solana Beach CA has kept up with the technology and is able to offer automobile locksmith services for most vehicles.


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Whether you drive a Japanese, European or American made auto, you can count on our local locksmith service to assist you in whatever service you might need whether is replacing keys or having new ones cut just for spare. Locksmiths Solana Beach CA makes it nice and easy for you to get the job done since we are committed to offering you the most superior services.

In addition to responding to customers’ call for emergency services, whether on a weekend, holiday or weekday, we also help you save money that you can use to buy groceries or to pay your light bill. We are cheap locksmiths that save you money and that are able to respond to your call immediately which is good for us because we are able to help many more customers. It is also great for you because you don’t get stranded.


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Are you in need of rekeying locks because you have bought a vehicle at the auction and don’t want to risk it getting stolen? It is always a good idea to consider when you obtain a vehicle with a long history of being owned by other people since you don’t know who might still have copies of your keys.

When you are in need of replacement keys Locksmiths Solana Beach CA is here to help and will make you some that will last a very long time.

Service Call $15
Car Lockout starting at $35 *
Car Key Making starting at $120 *
Trunk Lockout starting at $35 *
Car Key Extraction starting at $65 *
Ignition Repair starting at $95 *
Service Call $15
House Lockout starting at $35 *
Lock Rekey starting at $19 *
Lock Change starting at $35 *
Lock Installation starting at $35 *
Gate Lock Repair starting at $35 *
Service Call $15
Business Lockout starting at $35 *
Lock Rekey starting at $19 *
Mailbox Change starting at $35 *
Lock Installation starting at $35 *
Safe Lockout starting at $65 *